Behringer Tremolo




This is - a showcase of circuit bent effect pedals.


The fully illustrated guide to Building Your Own Mutant Phaser is now online -> HERE. Go forth and bend, my sons and daughters.

In this site you will find galleries of guitar effects pedals that have been altered via circuit bending, as well as sound samples and bending schematics. Some of these pedals are regularly

available for purchase and from time-to-time some of the one-off projects is sold off to a new owner. In addition to stompboxes, this site also showcases some non-pedal bent projects, such as keyboards and other electronic instruments. Those can be found in the "Others" gallery. The "Schematics" provide other circuit benders a rough guide to replicating the pedals here. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can use either the official "Forum", or the ubiquitous "Contact" form.

Be sure to check back often for updates and new projects.

On The Chopping Block
RockTek Super Delay

Arion SAD-3 Stereo Delay
Danelectro Fab Echo
Arion SOD-1 Overdrive
Behringer UT100 Tremolo
Coming Soon: Bent Pedals in Action

If you've purchased one of our pedals and used it in the creation of a piece of music, we want to show it off. Drop us a line with a link and we'll be sure the world knows.

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